This site is mostly technical things related (mostly) to amateur radio.  I enjoy playing with computers, electronics, microcontrollers, and occasionally, programming.  I have a traffic engineering degree, so I'm learning lots of things that may be basic to computer science people, electrical engineering people, and programmers.

Privacy Policy

If you give your email in the comments, I will not publicize it without your approval.  Otherwise, if there is information you don't want it posted on this site, don't send it to me (and for the love of all that is holy, don't put it in a comment box!).

Comment Policy

If your comment is spam, expect that it won't make it to this site.  Otherwise comments are moderated but will likely be posted if you're helping, have a good point, or being constructively critical (see the part above about having a traffic engineering degree - I have much to learn about a lot of things I post here).

I generally expect comments to be "part 97 compliant" with a little bit of leeway.  For the non-hams out there, that means no foul language or commercial comments... in both cases, I'll give some leeway (e.g. if you recommend a product but are not actively trying to sell it, that's generally okay both on-the-air as well as here; if you use one profane word, I will allow it depending on the context.

I reserve the right to edit comments as I see fit without changing the overall point of the comment AND with the appropriate notation.


Right now, this blog is not supported by ads (in fact, this blog has no income, just costs).  THIS WILL LIKELY CHANGE IN THE FUTURE.  Occasionally, I do provide affiliate links to Amazon and I'm not always forthcoming about them being affiliate links.

If you wish to advertise on this site, please contact me at ke8p at {domain name}.


Contact me.  ke8p at {domain name}.

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