On the way back from a meeting, I dropped by the Columbus Micro Center Mall.  I really didn't know what I was looking for, but I figured I'd want to look at something for a project in the works (that involves an accelerometer or two), my Hack A Day Trinket Project, and anything else that looked good.

It was a good trip.

I grabbed a few (relatively expensive) breakouts for SOIC and SSOP chips, which I'll ultimately use one for an SA602 mixer. I also grabbed a small pack of resistors, which will be in use for my HAD Trinket project.  I found two accelerometers for $5 each (!!!).  I grabbed a few PC boards.  And the best part - a Yun for $55 (off their normal $75)!

I uploaded a microcontroller Hello World (a blinking LED) to the Yun via Wifi.  It was awesome and convenient.  The code is below, and it'll work for any Arduino or clone (I initially wrote it for a Trinket).

In action on a Trinket:

And on a Yun (I used the onboard LED):

Next week, back to the normally scheduled DDS mischief.


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