Yes, I shouted that.  And for very good reason - Arduino started me down the road of playing with micro-controllers (you can tell I haven't made a red cent on any of this - I call it "playing" :-)).  I guess you could consider Arduinos to be my gateway drug into Raspberry Pis, Beaglebones, and PICs.

In celebration of Arduino Day, I decided that I should list a few of my favorite Arduino Projects (some are still in progress).

The Filter Sweeper

This is probably the coolest thing I started to write.  It is also the most useful, as it would have it's uses with any receiver setup, whether it is a home-built radio, an RTL-SDR, or even an off-the-shelf radio).

The Bus Pirate Arduino Shield

I didn't do very much with this, and what I really learned wasn't even discussed in the post- I really learned how to 'break out' of the Arduino IDE and load an Arduino from the command line.  With Linux.

The Arduino Easy Logger Button

This is the start of what ended up netting me a ChipKit WF32.  I want (and still need to finish) a setup that makes it easy to log my radio contacts while mobile.  The Arduino version is around 90% done, but with several things taking my time it hasn't been finished.  And the ChipKit version has got a longer road.


I thought I'd have more of these, but I guess I don't. I do have a few "in the queue", though, so hopefully when I write some for AD15, I'll have a few more.  Either way, I've learned A LOT and I know I have several more posts coming that use my Mega 2560 and Due (and maybe even that Leonardo I picked up a few weeks ago).


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