I gave a presentation to the Oh-Ky-In Amateur Radio Society on August 6, 2013.  This was an update of the presentation I gave to the Cincinnati FM Club in February, which was an update of the presentation I gave to the Milford Amateur Radio Club a while back.  This page is a set of links for those that attended or missed the presentation.

Presentation: Introduction_to_Arduino_Microcontrollers (PDF warning)

Arduino Website

Links Mentioned:

QRPTracker (satellite tracker)

Morse Code Keyer

Getting Started Guide

Starter Sets:

Sparkfun: New Starter Set (with Arduino Clone, $50), New Inventor's Kit ($100)Starter kit ($60)

Adafruit: Starter Pack ($65)Starter Kit ($125)

(added 2013-08-22) Seeed Studio: Starter Set ($70), Starter Kit (bigger) ($120)

Add-On Packs:

Have an Arduino board but not enough accessories or don't know where to get started?  Seeed Studio has a "Sidekick Basic Kit" that can get you up and running - it doesn't have an Arduino, but it has a lot of components (etc) to get you started.  And it's $20.  Seeed Sidekick Basic Kit ($20)

NOTE: Look hard at what these packs include!  There ARE differences.

Raspberry Pis and Beagleboard Blacks can be bought at Mouser, Digikey, and Newark Electronics/Element 14.  Raspberry Pi accessories (like the Pi Plate an Pi Cobbler) can be bought at Adafruit or Newark Electronics/Element 14.

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8 Responses to Oh-Ky-In Arduino Presentation & Notes

  1. bryan says:

    It was good to meet you Andrew. Thanks for all the good info on Ardunio. Gives me some stuff to think about.
    And thanks for the HSS-Mesh conversation after the meeting. Hopefully someone can get something going in the Tri-State area soon.
    Bryan - KC8EGV

  2. Russ Hines says:

    Thanks for a great presentation, Andrew. We really appreciated your visit.

    Re:HSMM-Mesh, I've an OH-KY-IN project in mind for this technology that involves our repeaters... interconnected w/Milford, perhaps? Awesome possibilities.

    Thanks again.


    • Andrew says:

      As Bryan kind of alluded to, we need to do something more large scale than our clubs. I sent WN8U an email last night telling him to remind me to talk with him about it on Thursday at our MARC meeting, as we probably have reached a critical mass of interested users and I'm just a little busy this week.

      Do y'all have a repeater out east here? I somehow recall seeing a map with a repeater in the Withamsville area, but I don't recall which club's website that was on. Of course, having a repeater is one thing, being able to add something to the tower is completely different!

  3. Jack Purdum, W9NMT/8 says:

    Sorry I missed this, Andrew. I just moved here and am really into the Arduino stuff and programming. (I wrote the Beginning C for Arduino book from Apress.) Now that I know about the club, I hope to make the next meeting.


    • Andrew says:

      Jack, welcome to the area!

      There is another group that a member expressed interest in me presenting to their group, so there will be another chance 🙂

      73 de KE8P

      • Jack Purdum, W9NMT/8 says:

        Please keep me posted as to when and where that might be...should be fun!


  4. Russ Hines says:

    Here's an update for you, Andrew, and I should say, it's mostly your fault. 😉

    Your presentation inspired me so I've taken the Arduino plunge and now have an Uno. Since I'm still somewhat of a "noob" with microcontrollers, I've blogged my experiences so far on my website, http://www.wb8zcc.com.

    I can see where this may become a little addicting. 😉


    • Andrew says:


      Soon, you'll be looking for the next idea of something you can hook an Arduino to, whether it be a WRT54G with the HSMM-Mesh firmware installed, or a Teddy Ruxpin doll (if you thought for one second that I was joking, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMRVpoV2tPQ. Not as fun as putting an Ozzy Osbourne tape in him, but still fun).

      Halloween is coming up, which is one of the best holidays for makers. Since I have to keep thinks G rated, my not very difficult puimpkin idea involves a music shield, a proximity detector, and three ping-pong balls (with LEDs, of course), and the sound from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntx-vMNjxkE

      ...honestly, I think I could have a lot of fun with the setup by leaving everything but the pumpkins and LEDs intact and setting it somewhere 🙂

      I could re-use the music shield next April by adding a force sensitive resistor to the Arduino, putting it on a toilet seat under one of the "feet", and giving it Austin Powers sounds that would play when the force on the resistor exceeded the weight of the seat for at least 10 seconds. Nothing would be more hilarious than hearing "WHO DOES NUMBER TWO WORK FOR?" 16.7 seconds after someone sits on the throne.

      I subscribed to your blog, so make sure you post cool stuff that you do!

      73 de KE8P

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