This is Thanksgiving week in the USA, so the family and I spent some time putting up the Christmas tree, since some of our Thanksgiving guests may not have a chance to come by during the Christmas season (or at least before we clean up the tree).

I decided years ago to move all our Christmas lights to LEDs for several reasons, the reduced current consumption is one of them.  The problem that created for us is that our LEDs are too large to fit into some of the ornaments that we have.  My wife brought one of those to my attention and I decided to fix the problem using a Stellaris Launchpad that was collecting dust in the basement.

I took a telephone cable and soldered an RGB LED to one end and a plug to the other end that would connect to the ground (through a 330 ohm resistor) and three of the analog pins on the Launchpad.

The code is below:

The final result is:

Nothing like using a very complex tool for something very simple!


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