I gave a presentation to the Queen City Emergency Net on October 18, 2013.  This was an update of the presentation I gave to Oh-Ky-In last August, which is an update of the Cincinnati FM Club presentation in February, which was an update of the presentation I gave to the Milford Amateur Radio Club a while back.  This page is a set of links for those that attended or missed the presentation.


Arduino Website

Links Mentioned:

QRPTracker (satellite tracker)

Morse Code Keyer

Getting Started Guide

Starter Sets:

Sparkfun: New Starter Set (with Arduino Clone, $50)New Inventor's Kit ($100)Starter kit ($60)

Adafruit: Starter Pack ($65)Starter Kit ($125)

(added 2013-08-22) Seeed Studio: Starter Set ($70)Starter Kit (bigger) ($120)

Add-On Packs:

Have an Arduino board but not enough accessories or don't know where to get started?  Seeed Studio has a "Sidekick Basic Kit" that can get you up and running - it doesn't have an Arduino, but it has a lot of components (etc) to get you started.  And it's $20.  Seeed Sidekick Basic Kit ($20)

NOTE: Look hard at what these packs include!  There ARE differences.

Raspberry Pis and Beagleboard Blacks can be bought at MouserDigikey, and Newark Electronics/Element 14.  Raspberry Pi accessories (like the Pi Plate an Pi Cobbler) can be bought at Adafruit or Newark Electronics/Element 14.

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