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Friday was my first full 3 mile run.  I had thought that Wednesday was the first, but after looking back at the track on the computer, I found that it was 2.75 miles.  I'm not too happy about that.

My runs are 5 minutes walk warmup, 3.0 miles run, and 5 minutes walk cool-down.  After the walk warmup on Friday's run and a few hundred feet into the running portion, I pressed the status button on my earphones to hear the distance remaining.  2.74 miles.  W. T. F?

I quickly stopped my workout on Endomondo and deleted the 5 minute warmup and restarted the workout.  This time, after a few hundred feet, Endo said 2.99 miles remaining.  Much better!

Towards the end of my run, I did have to make a route adjustment because of the Reds' fireworks show for that evening closing part of the sidewalk for setup, but since the Reds beat the Pirates and continued their climb in first place, I'm okay with that.

It is now 6 days to my first 5K of the year, The Brian Rohne Memorial Run.


Category: Running Ham

Everyone on Twitter that follows me (@ac8jo) knows I've been running.  This is not a new thing to me, but unlike people like N8TFD and KB2HSH who can run marathons, I can't.

Anyway, for the second time, I've embarked on the Couch to 5K plan with the intent to prepare for the Brian Rohne Memorial Run, which is a fundraiser for a scholarship and the NKU Cross Country team (and Brian Rohne is my late older brother).

This time things are a little different.  For starters, I've looked harder at the C25K plan and realized that the times in the routines are not for me.  I run too slow for those times, so I started using the distance intervals in Endomondo Pro.  This makes things a lot harder, but also a lot better at preparing me for a 5K.  I've noticed that I'm running a lot farther during my runs.  I'm not a fast runner, but that will come in time.  For now, I'd really like to be able to nail that 5K.


Category: Running Ham

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