I chronicled my adventure of installing my mobile rig in my pickup truck in a previous post, and the one thing I didn't talk about in that post was where I located the microphone clip.  This was for good reason - I didn't want to drill into any of the dashboard panels in the truck to mount the clip that was sent with the radio.  I could have tried to mount it to the radio or radio mount, but it would have been difficult and dangerous to reach while driving.

So, for the while my microphone holder was my cupholder.  It works, but it isn't great.  Even worse, my addiction to Starbucks has resulted in my mic getting sticky (probably from one of those venti non-fat no-whip mochas).

Inspiration comes in many forms, and this one came from a diy smartphone cardock on LifeHacker.

I basically bent one of the "handles" to a large binder clip down and wider to accomodate the mic holder disk.  Then, I clipped it to the vent on my truck.  See the pics below.


And no, I don't mind that it blocks a few buttons on the radio.  There aren't enough good FM stations in Cincinnati that I need more than 4 presets (fewer on AM), and the little knob is for sound controls the bass, treble, balance, fader, and Radio Data System (RDS).  RDS is a really cool idea that doesn't seem to work for what that knob actually does (select things like news or traffic that it would scan for).

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  1. KR4RO says:

    That's the HAM way of doing it. Look into your junk box, and make something work! Congratulations on a clever solution to a annoying problem. Somewhat off topic, but I've never bought any bag clips for cereal, potato chips, etc. I use those very same clips bought in bulk from my local office supply store.

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