I recently acquired two additional antennas and decided to tune and test them.  So I pulled my truck out on the driveway, put the correct ferrite onto the antenna wire, and plugged in the antenna analyzer.

The reason why I saw the SWR go through the roof was because it WAS through the roof.  I was able to, with some difficulties, get three of the four antennas tuned.  Mind you, tuning these hamsticks is a little bit of voodoo magic mixed with luck and perseverance (in other words, they're a pain in the ass).  The untuned one is 40 meters.  The biggest pain was the 6 meter antenna (I had to cut it back because only a few inches of the stinger needed to be out.

There is a problem.  I can't put any of these on my truck and pull into the garage.  I do want to move the mount, and once I do that, the 6 meter antenna would be able to stay on the mount, and I'd have to switch others.

See you on HF!



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