On March 30, I went into my attic to install a few antennas.  I learned a few things that bear passing on.  Some of these are in pictures, some are text.  These are in no particular order.  These assume you have cellulose insulation (the type that's blown in).

  • Be ready for a dusty environment.  If you don't wear a dust mask, be prepared to blow black snot out of your nose
  • If you wear glasses, make sure they are in no danger of falling off (I almost lost mine, that would have been bad news to drop them into the insulation)
  • Make sure you have extra batteries for cordless tools
  • Make sure coax is supported at the top.  A 20 foot run of coax can be heavy, and you don't want the line stressed
  • Make sure you have a flashlight (as well as an area lamp, like a clip-lamp)
  • Take a plastic rake up there with you.  Use it to move the insulation around.
2013-03-30 16.30.56

A piece of mason's line (in stylish hot pink) is great to mark where the hole is for coax.


2013-03-30 16.38.14

Look for things like a catwalk (like my attic has), just make sure you're walking on wood and not PVC!  Also, don't expect the catwalk to be on both sides (in mine, it is not).


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