This year is different from any of the past two years I've gone to Dayton. The first year I went to Dayton, I wanted a simple HF rig and knew my budget only supported something like a Radio Shack HTX-100. I bought two for $45. I also bought a power supply for it (an Astron RS-12).

Last year, I was looking for an LDG tuner for my IC-706. Found one for $85. I'm not even sure I bought anything else.

This year, my tastes are hopefully smaller.

  • A nice straight key... for a damn good price
  • The ARRL CW book that just came out... if it is a damn good price
  • Some air variable caps... I could use some smaller ones as well as some matching pairs for matching antennas
  • Maybe some tubes (for both a linear and potentially for a guitar amp for my brother-in-law)
  • Probably some other parts

Dayton's Friday through Sunday, and this blog post wouldn't be complete without a list of what will be in my bag.

  • An umbrella (maybe my raincoat)
  • A small notepad and pen
  • A small bag of snacks (last year, it was goldfish crackers)
  • My HT and headset
  • A backup battery for my phone
  • A bottle of water (disposable)
  • A towel (small)

Things I know I will buy:

  • A beer šŸ™‚

Things I know I will get:

  • Another Dayton Pin
  • A Yaesu hat (if they have them)

Things to keep in the Truck

  • A bath towel... rain is expected!
  • A small cooler with ice and a few bottles of water

Other Stuff

Last year, there was a guy from Linux in the Hamshack. If he's there again, I may give them a donation since they did direct some traffic to my website (and that was totally unsolicited). I listen to their show far too seldom, and it is an interesting show.

Last year, I tried to make it a point to make it to some of the forums. This year I might, but probably not as much - I tried to attend the microcontrollers forum last year, there were no seats available in the oven... er, room... when I got there.

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One Response to Dayton Plans [Updated 5/16/13 1743z]

  1. Looks like you had fun at Dayton. One of these decades I'll have to make it down there. (What's the rush...I've only been a ham for 25 years!)

    John KB2HSH

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