Oh crap, that probably sounds bad.  Ah well.

2013-05-17 09.35.06 2013-05-17 23.23.43

So my first find was a key.  It's nice, heavy, and probably has a history, which I added "purchased for $35 by KE8P" to.

2013-05-17 11.59.44


I found this.  For $165.  Like any normal ham that likes to push buttons and turn knobs, I turned it on, just to be greeted with it flashing "LOW VOLTAGE 6.5V".  I figured that was a sign that it probably works.

2013-05-17 23.26.29


And when I got it home, I found these in it.  Ten Energizer rechargeable batteries.

2013-05-17 23.26.07

So I removed the batteries and plugged in a wall wart.  I was greeted with "VOLTAGE OK 15V" and something like the display in the picture above.  I did check my dummy load, it claims it is around 50 ohms at 1-1.3 SWR.  Guess it works!

2013-05-17 23.26.46

Also included were these.  They are coils to use the analyzer as a dip meter.  I didn't really need these, as I built one (they're really quite simple).  My built version worked quite well for the coax traps on my attic trap dipole.

2013-05-17 23.40.53


So I did try it with my HF and 2m antennas...

2013-05-17 23.49.54

Not bad for the severe destruction of 5 clothes hangars

2013-05-17 23.50.21

My HF antenna isn't too bad on 2m...

2013-05-17 23.51.57

...and it does okay on 20 meters, too...

The third purchase was a case for my SoftRock

2013-05-17 23.24.29 2013-05-17 23.24.57

The last thing I got was some fiberglass mast.  I didn't take a picture of that.


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  1. theron says:

    Nice score on the antenna analyzer, came with a case AND the coils. w7dtg.blogspot.com

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