Thanks to the good service of UPS (that's with one S, not that other group that leaves my parts sitting somewhere in Chicago for three days), I am now the proud owner of a solder station.

2014-07-31 20.21.23


2014-07-31 20.21.32

"In order to ensure personal safety, machine work is completed, unplug the power cord!!!"

2014-07-31 20.23.56

These screws have to be removed. "Before use please pay sttention".

2014-07-31 20.32.51

It works!

The sound from it is not too loud with the blower on, and of course when the blower is off there is no noise.  It heats up VERY quickly, too.  I'm used to my cheap old Radio Shack pencil iron taking 5+ minutes to heat up, and this heated up in about 30 seconds.

The temperatures are in Centigrade, so it'll be something to get used to, but no big deal.  And it was $50 via eBay (the link now goes to a more expensive item by the same seller).


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2 Responses to New Solder Station!

  1. WB8ZCC says:

    Good find, Andrew. I found nearly identical items on eBay a year or two ago. IIRC, they are knock-offs of the Hakko irons. At least the Hakko tips work on mine. 😉

    • Andrew says:

      I didn't think about tips, I'll check mine to see if they are Hakko tips - they might be. Either way, I've seen a number of other soldering stations that are like this on Amazon and Sparkfun. I'm still happy about having an iron that heats up in mere seconds as opposed to several minutes! I don't know how I survived for so long with my old cheap Radio Shack iron. 🙂

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