Over the long weekend, one of the many things I got done was the Ten Tec.  I found that there was a wire that was disconnected from the antenna.  Once I resoldered it, I was able to hear on 75 meters (it was 1:30 AM, so the other bands were pretty dead).


I did notice that the RIT control is a little off, but since I never seem to use it, I'm not particularly worried about recalibrating it.

I also need to build a tuner. I'll probably build it, I'm just stuck between a T network or a Pi network. Either would be simple to build.


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  1. Russ Hines says:

    Take a peek at this: http://radiomagonline.com/transmission/radio_impedance_matching/

    This is geared around AM broadcast, but a good explanation why broadcasters use the Tee in ATU's and phasors (phasing networks).

    The last two paragraphs briefly discuss transmission line transformers, such as the ever-popular 1/4-wavelength transmission line.

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