I don't have much to post, and with weekends being nearly as busy as weekdays, I haven't had much time to get into anything, but I did get some time working in the shack on a Par style end fed antenna.  I started thinking about this and worked off the design on W0EA's blog.

Inside of matchbox

This is the inside of the box. I used an Altoids tin. The coil wire is small enough that I would consider this QRP only.

Back of matchbox

This is the back of the matchbox. It is difficult to tell in this picture, but the bolt is insulated from the case. At some point, I will improve this to have an insulated connector (right now, a good tug may cause the bolt to contact the case).

Trap coil

Soon to be trap. And for the love of all that is holy, DO NOT COUNT THE TURNS. It isn't done, and I was adding turns when I should have been removing - this coil resonates on 10m, not 20m like I need.


UPDATE: W0EA connected with me via twitter to tell me I'm doing it wrong.  Specifically, I should be using a ferrite core, not an iron core.  Looks like I'll be winding a new coil this weekend.

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