This is two out of four for me.  I'm too busy.

So last year I had a number of things I wanted to do.  Then my radio went kaput and I still haven't fixed it.  Other things happened, too.

This year I am definitely going to fix... or pay someone to fix my IC-706.  I will probably get into FreeDV and maybe another digital voice mode.  I want to build a receiver, too, and not from a kit.

I know there will be a lot more Arduino stuff going here, and there will be some FPGA stuff, too.  I also have some electronics-but-not-ham stuff coming (some of which has no other blog of mine to go to, and some will be cross-posted from another one of my blogs).

I've been somewhat silent out here, but that shall change soon.


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Andrew is the owner of this blog and enjoys computer programming, building things, and photography. He's a pretty busy guy, which explains why updates to this blog are so infrequent.

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