I've decided that since I have free reign over the attic, I need (and want) an antenna farm up there.

What I Have

Currently, only one antenna exists in the attic: an 80-10m trap dipole.  It works pretty well and can be tuned on 160m and 6m, but it is limited in direction.

What I Want

Everything!  Well, almost...

Since my dipole lacks the NE and SW parts of the country, I want to build another and place it perpendicular to the current one.

I also want to install 2m and 70cm rigid dipoles (horizontal) on rotators.  That will be interesting considering the issues with the roof structure.

Last, I want vertically polarized antennas for 6m, 2m, and 70cm.  Sometimes I need those bands.  More often, I want those bands.

The Plan

Since I'm talking about three antennas that connect to the HF port of my rig and an additional four for the VHF port, I want to have only two expensive coax feeders.  I'll also do something to remote switch the antennas.  I'll probably run a CAT5 line with the antenna lines to help with this.

The Extras

In addition to the antennas, I want to put HSMM-Mesh in my attic.  That will require another CAT5 line as well as a POE injector (which I'll likely build myself).

2013-01-27 21.45.40

The diagram isn't exact, and I haven't compared my logbook to where I think my dipole hits well, but it's close enough.



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