This is a mish-mosh of notes, which is what happens when you spend a weekend moving furniture and fixing cars instead of playing with radios.

A Christmas Story Movie Amateur Radio Connection

Jean Shepard, W9QWN and K2ORS, was the narrator and co-scripter of A Christmas Story.  He got his start at WSAI-AM in Cincinnati in 1948.  From 1951 to 1953, he went to KYW in Philadephia, after which he returned to Cincinnati at WLW.

Talk To Santa Nets

For the 8th consecutive year, the 3.916 Nets will be giving good boys and girls a chance to talk to Santa Claus via the magic of ham radio.   The '3916 Santa Nets' will be held on 15 different evenings starting Friday, November 29 through Christmas Eve, December 24th.    The Santa Nets are open to all licensed amateur radio operators who wish to invite kids to their shack to talk to Santa.  Third party rules will apply. LINK.

Christmas Short Story

Larry Makoski wrote another installment of his Christmas story from last year.  This one is in five parts (so far, I admit that when I'm writing this the last two released parts are still queued in the Press App on my phone!).  I'd give it 5 stars.  Link to part 1.  Link to part 1 of last year's story.

WATwitter Christmas Edition

I hope to be on the air during the holiday break.  Watch for me on twitter, and watch for others using the #WATwitter hashtag.

Additionally, I may get on for Straight Key Night.  If I do, I'll turn the power down to limit the amount of people abused by my CW "skills" 😉


I have several projects "incubating".  The most prominent is the EasyLogger with the WF32.  I have another 'on the brew' that is more interesting and useful.  I also saw an interesting use of a PIC12 that I may extend to a PIC16 (since I have one that has no use... yet).  There are several radio projects coming as well.  2014 will be an interesting year on this blog.


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