I use Twitter to do a lot of listening and a little bit of talking... well, tweeting.

Every so often, I get followers via Twitter.  Sometimes they are interesting people (look at the people I follow - they're interesting people).  Sometimes they're not so much.  I generally try to follow back on my ham radio account (KC8UNN - I have two others that I don't necessarily follow-back on).

I generally employ the following guidelines:

  1. If it is my @KC8UNN account, it has to be ham radio related.  I'm lenient on this a little if it is a local or prominent ham.
  2. No spam.  Ever.  I've had people follow me that appear to be specifically to bash someone else.  I won't follow crap like that.
  3. The timeline has to be reasonable.  I don't care what you tweet, but if I follow you, your tweets are in MY timeline.  I don't want to see very much about politics, and I don't want to see a gazillion tweets coming in unless they are very interesting (and at 140 characters, it is hard to be interesting enough to justify more than 10 tweets a day).  Less is more!

So, in short, if you want me to follow you on Twitter, follow me and don't make me think I'll regret following you.

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Andrew is the owner of this blog and enjoys computer programming, building things, and photography. He's a pretty busy guy, which explains why updates to this blog are so infrequent.

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