I have several "irons in the fire", but nothing big to post this week.  However, I do have several things coming:

My third free PCB from Dangerous Prototypes has shipped and it is a Bus Pirate v3.  I tried playing with the Bus Pirate Arduino Shield and Bus Pirate Demo Board.  I've not had much luck and I haven't tried troubleshooting it yet.  Associated with this, I've updated my Seeed Studio wish list

I printed a PCB for an upconverter that I haven't yet even attempted to build yet.  Once I do, It'll make it here.  Additionally, I just loaded a desktop with Debian, so expect I'll be talking about doing something with that as well.

It's membership dues time at the club, so I've been working on that.  I built an Access database to help handle things, but now I need to sit down and actually do work.  Have no fear, I won't post many details about that here :-).

I am getting ready to get into packet radio. I bought a KAM+ a year (or so) ago, and I want to get it up as an APRS IGate.  Coverage around my place is pretty crummy, so I would like to improve that.  Eventually, I'll probably replace the KAM+ with something else so I can play on packet (and I have some ideas).

I really want to build a QRP transciever.  I've been looking at plans so I can find something.  However, I may just buy a Rebel and add an e-ink shield to it.  It looks like the Rebel Alliance (love the name, BTW) has paved the road to using an LCD screen.  I want more and different, and certainly my code would be on GitHub.

I have been wanting to get back into getting frequencies from the Ten Tec Omni.  I know this is do-able, but I need to purchase a connector and do more research.

I haven't forgotten about my logging project with the WF32, it's just been on hiatus because of life.  I want to get back into that and get back onto HF mobile.  I have a few additional thoughts that may be interesting to add.

I've also been blogging a lot more on my other blog.  January is a busy in the transportation engineering and planning fields - the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting is in early January.  Just from that and intertwined conversations, I think that's set me up for 8 blog posts, and that's in addition to normal work that sometimes creates blog posts.



Edit: I forgot about one thing: I've been wanting to play on 70 cm a little, so I'll have some antenna builds to show.


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