There's a lot of people that will call themselves geeks, but only a few of us can call ourselves Übergeeks.  Even worse, there's probably a number of people that call themselves Übergeeks that really aren't.  So because of that, I've got a few ideas - if you can't do the stuff below, you may be a geek, but you're not an Übergeek.

So first off, what is an Übergeek? The Urban Dictionary defines an Übergeek as An Overgeek. A geek who is either extremely geeky, or highly admired by geeks with similar interests. It is sometimes used as a humorous spoof of the German word "ubermensch" (a person with great powers or abilities)."

So, according to me, one who should be admired for their geekiness:

  1. Knows at least 3 programming languages (and only one is based on BASIC).  HTML does not count.
  2. Has built something cool with a microcontroller (like an Arduino)
  3. Has fixed someone else's computer.  You never know how to do anything with a computer until someone else screws one up and YOU fix it.  Minor upgrades don't count.
  4. Is a master on the command line, preferably a Linux/Unix command line; the stock Windows command line doesn't count, but PowerShell does.
  5. Have a geek job.  Just as much as I don't trust a mechanic that doesn't work on cars, I don't trust a geek that doesn't have a geek job.
  6. Have a ham radio license and BUILD SOMETHING. There are some hams that buy everything, and that's okay for a ham, but if you're an Übergeek, you'll build something.  Kits count.  Antennas count.  Wattage doesn't matter - QRP Transmitters is fine!
  7. Always explore how things work.  Always.  If you don't know how it works, figure it out.

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Andrew is the owner of this blog and enjoys computer programming, building things, and photography. He's a pretty busy guy, which explains why updates to this blog are so infrequent.

2 Responses to On Being an Übergeek

  1. N3QEH says:

    While I generally agree with you, I don't fall into this category of Übergeek. I only know Basic and Pascal, so #1 is out. I have not built something with a micro controller, so #2 is out. I'm not a master of the command line, only a casual user of it, so #4 is out. The rest do apply. But, I don't like the term geek because a bunch of people who are into video games consider themselves geeks. The term geek has been far too popularized. However, I consider myself more of an Übernerd. I reserve the term nerd for people of high IQs that have trouble understanding society and social interactions.

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