This is one of those "I keep needing this, so I bet it will help someone else" things.

A few months ago I purchased a "Basic Electronics Parts Kit" from Radio Shack (I'd have linked to it right there if I could find it, but sadly I cannot... it's part number 09A12, which no longer shows up on Radio Shack's website).  In said part assortment is a handful of ICs, but it appears that they are only for those that have the important parts of the 4000 and 74LS series of ICs memorized.  Since I am not one of those people, I looked up each one.  Here's the list and what they are:

LM386: Op Amp
NE555N: single timer
UA741CN: Op Amp
CD4013BD: Dual D-Type Flip-Flop (similar to 74LS74)
CD4017BD: Decade counter
UTC7805: 5V Linear Regulator
LM7812: 12V Linear Regulator
HD74LS00P: Quad 2-input NAND Gates
HD74LS02P: Quad 2-input NOR Gates
HD74LS08P: Quad 2-input AND Gates
HD74LS10P: Triple 3-input NAND Gates
HD74LS74AP: Dual Flip-Flop, D Type w/Set Reset
HD74LS86P: Quad 2-input XOR Gates



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