Yesterday I tore into a Keurig machine that I saved from a landfill.  The machine no longer worked and I don't really even recall what, but I have another Keurig that collects dust (I use a drip coffee maker), so why not.


  • This could be the beginning of something, I'm not sure what though
  • I now have two check valves and three pumps.  One of those pumps works (the other two, I'm not so sure).  These are not self-priming pumps.  Two of the pumps and the aerator are marked at 100 mA, which is nice and low but still too much to be driven directly from an Arduino pin.
  • The tank can be pretty useful.  It has a thermocouple and overheat switch on the side, a heating element at the bottom, and several probes on the top.
  • This is dangerous work.  Lots of sharp plastic.  I'm fairly certain these were made to be assembled only.

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