A few weeks ago, I listed my plans for the summer.  They seemed all good.

Then I went to the Dayton Hamvention and that changed everything.

So my new plans:

Balanced Line Antenna Tuner

I didn't buy anything to change what I said in the last post.  I saw two or three nice balanced line tuners, and they were out of my price range.  Having the antenna analyzer might help on this, though, as I can do more tests on the tuner.

Ten Tec Rebel

I intend to buy a Rebel.  Then I'm going to add an LCD screen to it so I can see things like the frequency.  I went to the Ten Tec booth to discuss that with their salesperson.

APRS I-gate/Digipeater

There's no changes to this.  I do have to build another 2m groundplane antenna, and that antenna analyzer might help a little with that. 🙂

NEW: 6m Mobile Antenna

With differing work schedules for most of the locals I talk to on the repeater and the lack of getting a lot of time on my base/mobile rig, I'm considering moving that to the truck and running 6m.

Removed: Antenna Analyzer and Frequency Counter

The antenna analyzer replaces both of these, so there's no point in me building them right now.


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