There was a conversation going on via Twitter related to learning CW.  I saved all of these to Evernote and came back and added them via Storify.  Twitter doesn't have a great way to save these for the future, so hopefully being published in a Storify Story will keep these golden nuggets of advice around for a long, long, long time.


A note on the last one - it doesn't look like CW advice, but it most certainly is.  It is actually a little bit more, but it is well within the subject of this blog post.

Me?  I'm currently sitting at being able to do around half the alphabet.  I've been extremely busy for the entire month and haven't even had much of a chance to open the lid of the laptop except to prepare for a class I teach at the University of Cincinnati.  Things are starting to die down and fall into place now, so hopefully I can get some time to sit down and bring up

Have any additional advice?  Leave it in the comments below!


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One Response to CW Learning Notes

  1. KQ8M says:

    Just a note from a pretty good CW man with 41 years experience. Never ever think or read or refer to the printed dit dahs or you will be doing that foreve and your speed will suffrr. Learn the sounds. And as others have said, copy stations on the air or code practice tapes!

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