Some of us in the Cincinnati area (well, so far, we're all on the east side, but hopefully we'll get some more in the area) have decided to learn CW.  We're going to start a net (of sorts) to help get us rolling.  We don't know exactly where on the bands, but probably in the Tech voice portion of 10 meters in the evenings or somewhere on 2 meters.  Yes, I know it says "SSB Only" on the 10 meter band plan for techs, but CW is one sideband and a suppressed carrier!  This allows us to be able to talk and send.

Right now, there are three of us involved, one general and two extras.  If you happen to live in the Cincinnati area and want to get involved, please jump over to the TriStateHams website and answer the poll.

If you follow me on Twitter (@KE8P) or Google+, you may have already seen my 'redneck code practice oscillator' video, but if you haven't...



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