I recently co-instructed a technician class (one of four or five sessions) and this is a few resources for the students as well as any new ham.  I am going to try to keep this up-to-date.

First off, I think all new hams should read this article by Chris Seright KE5ZRT.  He does a great job of what you should do now that you have a license.

Second off, the stuff below is a laundry-list of clubs, emergency groups, nets, and other items of interest to new hams.  It is specific to Clermont County and the Cincinnati region.  This is not all-inclusive!

Local Cincinnati Clubs

Milford Amateur Radio Club (we're teaching this, so they get the plug!) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Other Cincinnati Clubs (Courtesy of WARN)

Local Cincinnati Emergency Groups

Clermont Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Weather Amateur Radio Network (Twitter) (Facebook)

Queen City Emergency Net

Hamilton County ARPSC

Traffic Networks

Tri-State Area Traffic Net

Ohio SSB Net

Other Local Nets

Milford Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net - 9:00PM Local Sunday 147.345

OH-KY-IN Tech Talk Net - 9:00 PM Local Wednesdays 146.67

Ham Twit Net (Ham Radio Operators on Twitter) - Echolink W5RAW-R #387265 0100 UTC Thursdays
(in Cincinnati, winter 8:00 PM, summer 9:00 PM)

Maps and Band Plans

ARRL Band Plan (the legal band plan)

ARRL Band Plans (the Gentlemen's Agreements)

Grid Square Map - Google Maps - PDF - printed copies available at most ham radio retailers

CQ Zone Map - ITU Zone Map - better printed copies available for free at most ham radio retailers


The Practical Amateur Radio Podcast - great operating resources, the author talks about different ways to have fun with radio

Amateur Radio Newsline - Amateur Radio News

Ham Nation - weekly feature show on the TWIT network featuring Bob Heil and Gordon West

Resonant Frequency Podcast

Linux in the Hamshack Podcast - for those interested in Linux

Major National Clubs


ARRL Great Lakes Division

ARRL Ohio Section

Other Web Resources

QRZ - call lookup for QSL info, bios, etc.  Also forums, other related.

eHam.net - Forums, news articles

Local Ham Radio Retailers

R&L Electronics - Hamilton

Universal Radio - Reynoldsburg (near Columbus)

AES - Cleveland

DX Engineering - Akron

Note: there are several others that ship and take ordering over the Internet - Google is your friend here, as is QST or CQ magazine.

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