I have been accumulating projects on my workbench, and it is getting near time to jump into them. I thought I'd do a quick blog post discussing my immediate plans.

Antenna Analyzer

I bought a pair of direct-digital synthesizers a month or two ago, and the first thing I want to do is build an antenna analyzer, which is something I desparately need. In fact, it would be good for some of my next projects.

Balanced Line Antenna Tuner

I ran a new antenna in my attic, and wanted to be different, so I ran ladder line to it. My tuner with my IC-706 is an LDG IT-100. It is a great tuner, but it is really meant for unbalanced coax. I want a real balanced line tuner. In the meantime (and as I write this), I'm going to build a balun for it.

QRP Transmitter

Since I have two direct-digital synthesizers, I figured the other can be a part of a QRP transmitter. CW only.

APRS I-gate/Digipeater

My area is pretty bad with regards to APRS. I'm going to fix that.

Frequency Counter

The last thing I want to build is a frequency counter. This will likely be my first project with a PIC microcontroller. It won't make it up past 150MHz, but I am going to try to hit 150 MHz.

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